San Antonio Express Plastic Bumper Damage Repair and Paint - Dents, Scratches, Scuffs, Holes

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What is Plastic Bumper Repair?

Plastic bumper repair is the process of repairing scuffs, scrapes, dents, holes, and rips in plastic bumper covers without removing the bumper from the vehicle. This involves sanding, priming, painting base coat/clear coat to achieve factory quality, undetectable repairs in only a few hours instead of several days. It is unnecessary to remove the bumper to achieve perfect results. Body shop/collision methods are not required unless there has been damage to the frame and metal parts behind the bumper cover.

What are the Advantages of Express Plastic Bumper Repair?

Fast, affordable repair. No need to use your insurance deductable and incur higher insurance premiums because of a minor scuff, dent, hole in your plastic bumper cover. Since the bumper is not removed a lot of time is saved, which equals savings to you. Also, our technicians are trained to do the entire job themselves. No need for several laborers to handle your repair. This only adds time and expense to you. We have perfected and expedited the repair process to save you valuable time and expense. Plastic bumper repair also helps save the environment as well, since the plastic repair does not involve removing the bumper and throwing it in a dumpster to go to a landfill to be buried for the rest of eternity.

How Do You Match the Original Paint?

The same way any automotive body shop would. Onboard our mobile unit is a complete Valspar Automotive Paint System. We look up the factory paint code on your vehicle and perfectly match the original finish via a computerized program. The paint application process is also the same as the body shop. We use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure a professional finish equal to your original finish.

Can Any Damage Be Repaired?

No, we can not repair bumper covers that have been broken into 2 pieces. You can email a photo of your damaged bumper, mirror, spoiler, etc. to or text it to 210-825-6355 for a free estimate. If our quote is within your budget we will then make an appointment to come out to your location at your convenience to perform the work. There is no need to rent a car for several days while your vehicle is in the a body shop.

Will Express Bumper Repair Improve My Vehicle's Resale or Trade-In Value?

Of course it will. The better the vehicle appears, the more it is worth. Also, if you are returning a leased vehicle it will save you repair costs.


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